Operator not listed in UC file/List of users

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1. Update UC file (or)
. wait for Activation by UIDAI

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2020-11-13   #1

Operator I'd : NS370988 Name : rameshwar Kumar Uid no.: 344696731056 Division : Pali marwar, Rajasthan This name is not in the user credentials file please add

2020-11-17   #2

Since the juridiction of Rajasthan comes within the perview of Regional office Delhi, your kindly requested to contact the concerned Regional Office for the reddressal of your grievance.

2020-11-18   #3

My Certificate Number is NS507015 Name -Santhakumar Selvaraj Aadhar No-364822506069 Working under Dept Of Posts, Krishnagiri Division, Which comes under Western Region Coimbatore. please send My UC file to our Divisional Office. our DO have received a mail that my user ID has been created but my UC file is missing...

2020-11-20   #4

Reply to #3 @santhakumar :

The matter has been escalated to tech support for neccessary action.

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