Operator not listed in UC file/List of users

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1. Update UC file (or)
. wait for Activation by UIDAI

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Operator I'd : NS370988 Name : rameshwar Kumar Uid no.: 344696731056 Division : Pali marwar, Rajasthan This name is not in the user credentials file please add

18 days ago   #2

Since the juridiction of Rajasthan comes within the perview of Regional office Delhi, your kindly requested to contact the concerned Regional Office for the reddressal of your grievance.

17 days ago   #3

My Certificate Number is NS507015 Name -Santhakumar Selvaraj Aadhar No-364822506069 Working under Dept Of Posts, Krishnagiri Division, Which comes under Western Region Coimbatore. please send My UC file to our Divisional Office. our DO have received a mail that my user ID has been created but my UC file is missing...

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Reply to #3 @santhakumar :

The matter has been escalated to tech support for neccessary action.

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