C/o name missing in new card when did updates other than address

By shashib1990 at 2020-11-13 • 0 collector • 526 pageviews

Now only c/o coming in address part . in earlier adhar card there is father , husband name but after updation , that whole field is not coming in new card,why it is like that atleast c/o+relative name should come in new card.

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2020-11-17   #1

This is a policy decision which was implemented by the authority. However your query shall be taken up with the headquarters for further consideration

2020-12-01   #2

Even we are not updating anything in address part, c/o name is vanish from the new card. it make residents unsatisfacited even we did a good enrollment session even. kindly do the needful to ractify this

2020-12-09   #3

only update address part 

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