O Babu aadhhar downloading problem

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regret to inform that reply regarding the above subject not yet received

pls reply

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Dear sir,

pls note that Mr O Babu had taken aadhaar enrolment and the no. is 2003/33030/95490 29/06/2020 11:37:04. The said enrolment id checked, the aadhaar is generated but cannot download.

He complainted and his complaint id is 2020100104198501 still not yet possible to download his aadhaar.

Sir how we can help this man to get aadhaar. 

After his 1st enrollement he took approximate 8-10 enrolment at various centres.

and then the status is rejected due to bio-matric issues.

I humbly request you to help us this man aadhaar downloading otherwise kindly cancel his above mentioned enrollment then he can take a new enrolment.  May be this is the server error problem or some another problem in aadhaar end.

Anyhow this man needs an aadhaar and make an arrangement to get aadhaar in possible way

Awaiting you reply at the earliest

Thanking You

Varghese Daniel

Akshaya Centre Manakala

enrolment station : 33028

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