Failed to sync operator detail with sever

By sathyadevan at 2020-12-23 • 0 collector • 429 pageviews

Today morning from when I did operator sync showing this message Failed to sync operator detail with sever please try again please any one help me

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2020-12-23   #1

1st network check pannunga network slow ah runtha ipdi varum Ila network change panni paarunga 2nd ecmp ah close pannitu qssitv ah service pannitu try pannunga

Max sari aakitum

2020-12-24   #2

Reply to #1 @rajadurai :

It's not working sir

2020-12-24   #3

It's not working

2021-08-09   #4

Its not working till now it shows on fails to sync operated details with server.please try again.last 10 days to still going same issue.

2021-08-09   #5

Not open sir

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