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Replied to topic  › Packet structure invalid

When we do force capture the biometrics,photo, iris. this rejection reason occurs.

The Quality of the biometrics must be green above 40% when its below 40% Packet checked for Quality check Analysis then the transaction gets rejected due to packet structure invalid 

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Created topic  › Rejection resaon-Resident update is rejected as there is failure in updating the biometrics

While doing mandatory biometric update this reject reason has been shown What is the reason and solution for this error 

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Replied to topic  › Operator not listed in UC file/List of users

My Certificate Number is NS507015 Name -Santhakumar Selvaraj Aadhar No-364822506069 Working under Dept Of Posts, Krishnagiri Division, Which comes under Western Region Coimbatore. please send My UC file to our Divisional Office. our DO have received a mail that my user ID has been created but my

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